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Next to Deigné, Rouge-Thier owes its name to the reddish hills of ferrous schiste on the East.

The ancient mill dating from around 1552 has become a restaurant.
Inside you can still admire the machinery ; the wheels were turned by the waters of "Fond Bastin" stream.
The pond has become a fishery and the surrounding grounds a residential camping.

Rains flowing down Remouchamps go inside the chalky soil through absorbing points called "chantoir(e)s". All these excavations are known as the "Vallon des chantoir(e)s".

Rouge-Thier chantoir is accessible on 250 meters but it's advised not to visit it when it rains or when the river is in spate.
It makes part of the "Vallon des chantoirs".

The waters join in the ground and form a huge collector that leads to Remouchamps caves, the "Merveille des Merveilles" (the wonder among the wonders) to make the Rubicon.
Some of these places are outstanding in Grandchamp and Sécheval for instance.

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