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This village seems to be dating from the 15th century, at a time when metallurgical factories were built at the side of the river.

At the locality "Lombry", Jean de Playe built a furnace and a forge in 1635. This factory ran irregularly from 1636 to 1661 and was demolished in 1672.

The church dates from the 18th century and is dedicated to "Ste Thérèse d'Avila".

At the locality Vieux Pouhon gas emanations (or mofettes) indicate the presence of mineral water tables.

Nonceveux is a centre with a lot of holiday homes scattered in its "Heids" ; huge campings are installed along its sunny banks.

On the closest Sunday to 17th January, Nonceveux celebrates "St-Antoine l'Ermitte" 's name day.
Before an Ardennes fair took place at that period. All the farmers attended a mass during which bread was consecrated for the animals.
Nowadays, there is still a mass during which the consecration of the "galets" (waffles) takes place and the ceremony is followed by a folk day and various activities in the village room.

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