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Wild World Safari Park Aywaille

25 km from Liège, the Wild World of Aywaille, animal park founded in 1973, today has more than 1000 animals from 273 different species from 5 continents.

Along the 16 km of landscaped paths that crisscross the 84 wooded and lush hectares, let yourself be transported into the fascinating world of wildlife ! Unique in Belgium, the African safari offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a real safari where animals evolve in semi-freedom. By car or small train, you will find yourself in a world of freedom, surrounded by large spaces where herds of animals evolve a few meters from you, an unforgettable experience !

The Wild World is more than just an incredible safari. Walk around and discover the aviaries, the dome and its Mayan temple, the big cats and bears, the all-new Humboldt penguin pool with its underwater view, and the North American forest with its alley redwoods, the island of monkeys and lemurs, woodland, the center of birds of prey and many novelties.

The highlights of your day at Le Monde Sauvage are the three shows of parrots, sea lions and raptors. Not to be missed !



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