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Voie des Aulnes

The pedestrian and cycle link, the aptly named "Voie des Aulnes", runs along the Amblève and links Aywaille to Sougné-Remouchamps. At each end, there is a beautiful playground, a park and parking facilities.

Accessible place for people with reduced mobility, it also allows the practice and learning of the bike for the little ones, to improve his fitness with fit-park gear or to admire the prowess of the drivers on the area bike trial. Sitting quietly, on a bench, you can also contemplate the beautiful architecture of the Notre-Dame de Dieupart church.

A cable-stayed footbridge spans the Amblève at the foot of the Heid des Gattes nature reserve.

Extension studies of this link downstream and towards Comblain-au-Pont are underway to develop the RAVeL of Amblève and thus link Aywaille to the RAVeL of the Ourthe.


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