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Vallon du Ninglinspo

Ninglinspo Creek follows a winding course of 3,500 meters with an average slope of 7.5%. It is thus one of the only torrents of Belgium !

At its entry on the municipal territory, it is at the altitude 385 m and 140 m at the confluence with the Amblève, at the end of its journey. The mechanical erosion of fast-flowing and swirling waters has dug out narrow channels connecting the baths and baths with poetic names: Stag bath, Diane's bath, Chaudière's broth, Naïade bath, Venus bath, Otter bath, Bath 'Hermes... These names were given by a naturalist, Laurent-François DETHIER, lawyer Theutois, member of the "Council of Five Hundred" in Paris during the French period of Belgium. Before this one, in 1789, he played a very active role in the "Convocation of Polleur's Congress" and in the "Liégeoise Revolution". The Ninglinspo is formed at a place called "La Fourchette" by the streams of White Stones and Hornay. The legitimate son of Neptune, he is a pure jewel in the Ardennes forest offering all his charms to walkers.  

The rocks of Crahay

These are remains of the first marine shore consisting of quartzite and schist pebbles which, in very ancient geological times, bordered the Ardennes land from the sea. Their name was given in tribute to Mr. J.N. Crahay, Director General of Water and Forests, thanks to whom the Ninglinspo site has been preserved and classified in a definitive way.


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