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Walks, mountain bike and equestrian routes

A map of the walks, mountain bike routes and equestrian courses was published by the I.G.N. and the municipal administration. It is sold at a price of € 7 at the Maison du Tourisme, the Syndicats d'Initiatives and the Aywaille Town Hall.

To receive the IGN map of Aywaille VTT and riders, thank you to pay the sum of 7 € + 2 € of shipping costs, or 9 € on the account BE53 0000 0199 3853 of Aywaille municipal administration, rue de la Heid, 8 - 4920 AYWAILLE.
The card will be sent to you upon receipt of your payment.

This card includes:

  • 24 walks for a total of 150 km
  • 12 mountain bike trails (150 km)
  • 11 equestrian rides (150 km).

New edition 2018 update

  • course routes improved
  • legibility of the lines and contrast of the base
  • map grid with GPS coordinates  

Each walk has a special signage (color code and shape) and in the field, the tags are placed adequately and in sufficient numbers. If you notice a problem on one of our walks, please let us know so we can fix it.

Free flyers are also available to order for your walks in the Vallon du Ninglinspo, Thier Bosset and Paradis ...

Warning ! On certain dates, during the hunting season, walks may be prohibited to the public. Special signage will be affixed by the organizers of the hunt. Hunting and threshing generally takes place from September to December.

Download the hunting calendar

Download the hunting territories 

Among the 24 walks marked and recognized of the Commune of Aywaille, do not miss six essential walks from our main villages :

Departure from Aywaille 03

Red diamond Old Garden - Thier Bosset : 5.2 km - 2.30

Departure from Sougné-Remouchamps 12

Yellow perforated rectangle. Belvedere Rahir : 2.5 km - 1h15

Departure from the funds of Quarreux 18 b

Red rectangle. Quarreux : 7 km - 2:00

Departure from Sedoz - Ninglinspo 21

Blue rectangle. Ninglinspo valley : 6 km - 2:45

Departure from Deigné Square 24

Green lozenge. Deigned : 3.2 km - 1.30

Departure from Harzé Castle 25

Blue cross. Ruisseau du Loupgueule : 4.4 km - 2:00

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