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Vallon du Ninglinspo

The Ninglinspo stream follows a winding course some 3,500 meters long at an average incline of 7.5%.
Its altitude is 385 m at its entry into municipal territory and 140 m where it meets the Amblève at the end of its journey.

The mechanical erosion by the rapids has carved straight channels connecting water holes and coves bearing such interesting names as Stag's Cove, Diana's Cove, Boil of the Boiler, Nymphs' Cove, Venus' Cove, Otter's Cove, ...

The Ninglinsspo forms at the site called "The Fork" by the streams of the Blanches Pierres and the Hornay.

Legitimate son of Neptune, it is a pure jewel in the Ardennes forest, offering all its charms to visitors.

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Les roches Crahay

These are the vestiges of the first marine river formed of quartzite and shale boulders, which, in ancient geological times, lined the Ardennes soil arisen from the sea.
They were named in honor of Mr. J.N. Crahay, General Manager of the Forestry Commission, thanks to whom the Ninglinspo site was protected and classified definitively.

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