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C'est Awan la joyeuse au balcon grillagé
Qui trace dans ses creux des chemins ombragés.

Lambert Radoux

On the heights of Aywaille, this large village is well known for its entertainment arranged masterfully by the neighborhood committees and their many passionate volunteers.
The Christmas lights have attracted large crowds for several years now, this tradition is a little more confidential and gathers people from neighborhoods.
The village is again in activities the second weekend of September with the traditional flea market that spreads in its main streets. A beautiful exhibition of mushrooms complemented by walking tours are also held each year at the school end of September.
The Quality Committee Awan Village organises for two years the celebration of neighbors and has given to old photos and postcards a new life by classified them by subject and that, through temporary exhibitions.

The village hall completely transformed and renovated can welcome now in better conditions the entertainments of the village, family celebrations, performances dialect, meetings of local associations, ...

The village school was founded in 1850. New buildings were constructed in 1958 and the present school was enlarged in 2007.
The church of St Peter's was built in 1840 on the site of the former chapel of the castle, later enlarged.
To see : the statues of St John the Evangelist, St. Joachim and St. Anne, which seem to date from the seventeenth century. The baptismal font in the style of the fifteenth century.
In the bottom of the Renaissance altar of the former chapel, the gravestone of Paul Fisenne (Squire) died in 1697 and his wife died in 1698.
The slate roof of the building has been completely redone in 2008.

The Castle of Awan was built in the eighteenth century and consists of a rectangular portion and a bulbous tower. The private residence is not visited.

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