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C'est Septroux la neigeuse où sillonnent à l'aise
Ses sentes d'aubépines au bord de la falaise.

Lambert Radoux

From Aywaille by the underwood of Bingneusheid you can reach the pleasant hamlet of Septroux with roads having names such as the Aubépines (hawthorn), Clématites (clematis) or any other Chemin des Cerisiers (Cherry trees path).

From the plateau you can admire the "Val de l'Amblève" (the Amblève valley) : Dieupart, Sougné, Remouchamps and Hautregard.

From the hill of Cwimont (300 m) you can see one of the most beautiful landscapes of Aywaille. At its top there is a big wooden cross that can be seen kilometres away.

For a few years, the "Fête aux Cerises" (Cherry's feast) ( has taken place at the beginning of August.

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