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C'est Kin l'éparpillée au long des chemins creux
Qui s'accroche au coteau dans ses sentiers ombreux.

C'est Stoqueu solitaire alanguie en ses prés
Où rayonne la paix sous un soleil moiré.

C'est Niaster l'antique à flanc de son plateau
Où l'on chercher en secret la chanson du flûteau

Lambert Radoux

Two twin villages, the first one built on the plateau, the second one on the hill.

Kin, the name of which would come from the celtic word "Keen" (top) or "Caunos" (mountain) would have been founded by potters who found there clay spots interesting for their work.
Opencast mines supplying the factories of Dieupart were exploited until the middle of the 19th century.

In the centre of the village behind the monument you'll see a range of old houses, some of them with "potales".

Don't forget to visit the "chantoir(e)s", huge funnel that absorbs the water from the stream in important underground galleries.

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