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Aywaille sur Amblève ouvre son coeur de mère
Nichée au creux du val, elle incise à foison
Le pourtour dentelé de son clair horizon
Pour y blottir ses soeurs dans un bain de lumière

Aywaille sur Amblève ouvre son coeur de mère
Enfile perle à perle un collier de cités
De bois et de vallons soudés dans l'unité
Pour y fleurir ses soeurs dans un bain de lumière

Lambert Radoux

The term designating the inhabitants of our municipality, "Aqualiens" comes from the Latin version of Aywaille "Aqualia loca" (watery area, miry terrain).

The tourist capital of Amblève, Aywaille is located 25 km from Liège and is privileged in that it is serviced by major lines of communication.

Aywaille is also the largest commercial center in the valley, with numerous shops and a dynamic hotel and restaurant sector, whose menus and patios are the pride of the city.

The weekly Saturday-morning market reinforces the city's appeal.

Recognized as a European Municipality in 1986, Aywaille has numerous amicable relations with cities throughout Europe.

Aywaille also welcomes you with its municipal swimming pool, its sports center, its playground, its park, its pedestrian and bicycle paths between Aywaille and Sougnè-Remouchamps, the cleverly named "Voie des Aulnes" (Alder Path), and its footbridge.

Aywaille is home to many vestiges of the past, such as the 11th century St. Peter's Church, the old homes in the rue Hongrée, Dieupart church dating back to 1180…

The area surrounding our charming little village is the starting point of beautiful pedestrian and bicycle routes allowing visitors to discover such magnificent places as "Bleeding Rock", Emblève Castle, Septroux, Chambralles, and others.

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